Killing Floor 2 2020 plans outlined by Tripwire Interactive

Killing Floor 2 is one of those games that has been chugging along with a dedicated player base, and Tripwire Interactive has announced its plans to continue support for the shooter into 2020. The first big announcement on that front is that Tripwire Interactive will be partnering with World War Z developer Saber Interactive, who will help design new content for the game.

2020 will see the addition of new weapons to Killing Floor 2 with Tripwire hinting at a new grenade type, as well as various other weapons that should complement perks well. More maps will also be added through 2020, and there will also be more seasonal events hitting the game including twists on previous themes.


Tripwire Interactive is running a community survey to get feedback on Killing Floor 2, as well as suggestions on things to implement or change. The survey can be found here. There will be quality of life improvements as well as more bug fixes and refinement as the content is updated or released. In our review of Killing Floor 2 Stefan wrote:

If you’re looking for a new horde mode game to enjoy with friends (or randoms), you can’t go too far wrong with Killing Floor 2. I feel it misses out on some of the deeply ingrained teamwork of other co-op survival games, especially on lower difficulties, but if you want a challenge, it brings it in spades.

You can read the full Killing Floor 2 review here.

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