The PlayStation Store’s January Sale is now on, save up to 70%

As seems to be the norm these days the January sales have started before Christmas, stores have been reducing products since mid December and the PlayStation Store has joined the gun jumping and have launched their sale which will run January 17th.

I would say there is a lot on sale but that would be an understatement, the list of sale items is humongous with over 800 games on offer, check out this lot.

Source: PS Blog 

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  1. So they’ve listed every single game in the history of PlayStation, apart from the only one I want to be on sale?

    Seriously when will Beat Sabre ever not be full price?

    • Just bloody buy it already. It’s worth it at full price.

      And for every song you play, that’s one extra christmas treat you can eat. (I’d make sure your treats are kept around waist hight, because you won’t be wanting to reach up high with knackered arms)

  2. Nooooooo! Most of my wish list is on sale, how will I ever get my backlog down..?
    Thinking about The Evil Within, Spiderman, God of War, Concrete Genie, Sea of Solitude, Man of Medan, and lots more. Life is so hard sometimes…

  3. I particularly like the way they found a second list of games just as they’d finished typing Ni No Kuni II. Put them all in the right place alphabetically? No, that’s too much work when it’s nearly christmas. Just dump the second list in the middle. Nobody will notice, right?

    And now I’ve just gone down the list, clicking on random things that grab my attention and adding them to the wishlist if the price seems reasonable. A couple of things still on there from the christmas sale (which hasn’t ended yet). I could save almost £327!!! By spending £245.91. Bugger. Mind you, I’ve got some money in my account still. I wonder if anyone will be giving me £225 of Amazon vouchers for christmas?

    I think I need to narrow that list down a bit.

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