TSA’s Most Wanted in 2020 #20-11

Dying Light 2 length
Dying Light 2 length

As we race to our top ten, there’s a mixture of wishful thinking and long-awaited excellence in the troublesome teens of our Most Wanted list.

Some of these games are locked in for release, such as Dreams in February and Nioh in March, but others are less certain. It might be one of the most requested games of the last five years, but when will we actually see The Wolf Among Us 2? And when will Ubisoft finally decide that Skull & Bones is ready for release?

For thee questions and more, keep on scrolling for #20-11 from our Most Wanted Games in 2020 list:


20 – Dreams

PS4 – 14th February 2020

Dreams has technically been available for the better part of a year now, as Sony’s first ever early access game launched back in April. Since then, it has kept a fairly low profile with developer Media Molecule yet to add its own stages and story into the game, instead dropping in a few smaller sized games to whet our appetites. That said, it’s been fascinating to see what the Dreams community has been working on in this time as creators get to grips with its vast toolset.

Hopefully, when the game properly launches in February, newcomers will already have an intriguing selection of player creations to paw through.

19 – Biomutant


Biomutant is a game that’s disappeared from view over the past year or so, but we’d hope that it can race to release in 2020. First announced at Gamescom 2017, this action adventure has a lot of fun and interesting ideas.

Essentially you get to create your own little furry mutant, with your physical build determining your starting stats that you then augment simply by replacing part of your anatomy with cybernetic or cloned materials, adding plenty of wild abilities to your arsenal in the process.

18 – Nioh 2

PS4 – 13th March 2020

Nioh was easily one of the better Soulsbornes to be created outside of FromSoftware, leaning on Japanese mythology in a way that felt pleasantly refreshing at the time – so refreshing that From used the same setting for Sekiro. Nioh 2 goes one step further, making your character half human and half Yokai spirit in what is a prequel to the original game.

Bonding human and yokai together allows for some new twists in the gameplay that will have you travelling between our mortal realm and that of the Yokai. Here your human side is weakened while the Yokai form grows more powerful, changing the balance of the game.

17 – Skull & Bones


Another game that’s gone into hiding is Ubisoft Singapore’s Skull & Bones. This game takes the sailing bits from Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and spins them out into an online game. It takes place in a shared systemic world, where you can sail with other players or betray and battle your way through the world.

Having been announced at E3 2017, it was delayed from 2018 to 2019, then again to 2020, citing a desire to put quality first. It’s now been caught up in Ubisoft’s company wide reassessment following the disastrous launch of Ghost Recon Breakpoint, so it’s anyone’s guess when we’ll next hear more about it.

16 – The Wolf Among Us II


It could be argued that The Wolf Among Us was Telltale’s best narrative with fans clamouring for a sequel for years. They finally confirmed that a second season was in the works in 2017, only for the company to unexpectedly shut down in 2018, condemning all of its IPs to uncertainty.

It’s not taken long for the Telltale brand to be resurrected by new owners LCG Entertainment, with The Wolf Among Us 2 re-announced at The Game Awards 2019.

This isn’t the Telltale that we used to know, though. The game is being developed in association with AdHoc Studio, founded by former Telltale staff, and in charge of the narrative and cinematic side of the game, while the new company calling itself Telltale works on everything else. This project has been started from scratch as well, dropping all the work that was done previously and starting over with Unreal Engine. If we do see it in 2020, it will be right at the very end of the year.

15 – Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2

PS4, XBO, PC – 2020

There’s an awful lot of games set in the World of Darkness being developed right now, but the biggest of the bunch is Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2.

Bloodlines 2 casts you as a newly fledged vampire, simply looking to find their place in this new world. Except, you were turned into a vampire illegally, in a suspected attempt to break the veil of secrecy that hides all vampiric nightlife from humans. You have a great deal of autonomy here, choosing your starting powers, looking to join one of the many factions in Seattle, and uncovering the plot threatening to break down the barriers of this world.

Originally planned for March 2020, Hardsuit Labs and Paradox Interactive decided to push the game’s launch back, to ensure it doesn’t end up as unrefined as the original.

14 – Streets of Rage 4

PS4, XBO, Switch, PC – 2020

Streets of Rage is iconic. One of the flagship franchises of the Sega Mega Drive this side-scrolling beat ’em up gained a huge following. It has been over 25 years since we saw a new entry in the series, but in 2018 DotEmu and Lizardcube announced Streets of Rage 4.

There was some excitement as the pair had worked on 2017’s Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap which was well received. We know there will be four playable characters as the original protagonists return, those being Axel, Blaze, Adam, and Cherry. The visuals may have changed, but from what we’ve seen so far the classic gameplay seems to be in place and looks fun.

13 – Halo Infinite

XBO, XSX, PC – Holiday 2020

Announced back at E3 2018, Halo Infinite was the first game to be teased for Xbox Series X (which was then known only as Project Scarlett). Those first glimpses showed off the new Slipspace Engine and a vast scale that could realise some of the original vision for the very first Halo. How the game can scale all the way down to the original Xbox One will be very interesting to see.

It’s safe to say that 343 Industries’ Reclaimer Saga trilogy hasn’t reached the same heights as Bungie’s original trilogy, but the team have taken much more time to craft the finale.

12 – Marvel’s Avengers

PS4, XBO, PC, Stadia – 15th May 2020

Square Enix’s big budget Avengers game has had people scratching their heads since the day it was revealed, as the company have been very coy about showing gameplay from later in the game. The original A-Day trailer, gameplay video and first hands on sessions have all essentially been the game’s tutorial. So what can we expect more than an hour into the game?

Marvel’s Avengers will sport both solo story missions to play through, as well as co-op Warzone missions, where you team up with other players for some third person action RPG bad guy bashing. You’ll be able to pick from a growing roster of heroes, starting with Avengers stalwarts like Thor and Hulk, taking their natural combat roles and then twisting them in different directions. Thor can be built up either as a crowd control character, or one that excels in one-on-one melee.

There’s some interesting ideas here, but we really hope Square Enix will show us some of this late-game play soon.

11 – Dying Light 2

PS4, XBO, PS4, XSX, PC – Spring 2020

Techland might have made a name for themselves with the fun but scrappy Dead Island games, but it wasn’t until Dying Light that they really proved themselves. That game had great, weighty parkour, crunching zombie combat, and all the co-op shenanigans you could want. It got even better with its The Following DLC expansion, and was a huge commercial success. That’s meant they could really take their time to get Dying Light 2 right.

The game lets players take on the role of Aidan Caldwell and is set fifteen years after the events of the first game, the ‘Modern Dark Ages’, with Aiden trying to survive in The City, a post-apocalyptic outpost. It changes the tone of the game from simply survival to one where you balance rival human factions in the shadow of the zombie infected that still rule at night.

That’s all for this article, but check out #50-41#40-31, and #30-21 and come back tomorrow where we’ll be diving into some of our top ten most wanted games of 2020.

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