Void Bastards listed for PS4 and Metro Redux listed for Nintendo Switch

The Pan European Game Information board, or PEGI to it’s mates, has leaked a couple of games that are moving to new platforms. First person shooter Void Bastards, which is currently available on Xbox and PC, has been listed for PlayStation, and Metro Exodus seems to be heading to Nintendo Switch.

Metro Redux is double pack containing Metro 2033 Redux and Metro Last Light Redux, two last gen games that were given a bit of polish are repackaged for the current generation. There were rumours of a Switch port early in 2019 and this now seems to be true.

Void Bastards is a strategy FPS “inspired by BioShock and System Shock 2” in which you lead a team of prisoners through  derelict spaceships and, obviously, shoot a lot of nasty things in the face.

Neither of the games have been officially announced but PEGI ratings are usually posted very close to game reveals so expect something soon. According to the ratings board Metro Redux should have been released on 31st December 2019, likewise Void Bastards.

“On the surface, Void Bastards may just seem like another FPS, but there’s an element of strategy layered in which sets it aside from the rest,” we said back in May 2019 in our 8/10 review. “It takes a bit of the old, mixes it with the new, splashes it with a comic style aesthetic to make a truly wonderful experience that will challenge you to make good decisions, enable you to play how you want and you get to be called a Void bastard, which is brilliant. It feels like a breath of fresh air in a sea of FPS games that all do the same thing.”

The Void Bastards twitter account seems to be teasing a Netflix series based on the game. They asked if anyone would like to see such a program to which one person replied “I would actually cry,” and the Void account tweeted back “better get some tissues.”

Source: Gematsu

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