Metro Redux confirmed for Nintendo Switch, out in February

4A Games has confirmed that Metro Redux, the compilation that contains Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light, will be coming to Nintendo Switch. The announcement was slightly spoiled earlier this month when listings for the collection appeared on the PEGI website, alongside Void Bastards for PS4 which is yet to be confirmed. Both games, including all the DLC, fits on 16GB Switch cart so there won’t be a need for additional downloads. If you prefer digital purchase both games can be bought individually.

To mark the official announcement a new trailer for Metro Redux has been released.


The games that star Artyom as he ventures through the Moscow Metro which has become home to survivors of a nuclear exchange have been well received, offering experiences that delve into humanity’s tenacity for survival. In our original Metro 2033 review Gareth wrote:

If you’re looking for a considerably more terrifying survival horror version of Fallout 3 without the openworld and most of the humour, Metro 2033 is definitely for you. If you’re looking for something more like a shooter then Metro isn’t going to satisfy you. Gorgeously atmospheric, at times completely frustrating and genuinely interesting hints about the surrounding world are omnipresent. If the shooting was less awkward it would be very easy to recommend, but as it is it’s difficult to do so.

You can read the full review here. Meanwhile, in the Metro Last Light review I wrote:

Overall Metro: Last Light is a really good experience. There’s enough here for fans of action, stealth and survival to enjoy. Though the series seems to have moved on from being scary the majority of the time, it does this progression in a way that feels natural. Artyom is no longer the scared individual you saw in 2033, but instead a Ranger who tackles his mission, even though it can get tense. With a bit more work Last Light could have been close to a perfect game, but the few bugs it has do detract from the overall experience.

You can read that review here. The launch date for Metro Redux on Switch is February 28th.

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