WeView Verdict: Metro Redux

It’s safe to say that most of you didn’t quite have a great experience with Metro Redux. A few of you enjoyed the post-apocalyptic setting of Metro, yet the majority found it lifeless and dull. Of the two games on offer Metro Last Light seemed to have provided a better experience than its predecessor 2033.

Avenger felt Redux had “the right post-apocalyptic atmosphere to it and great gun play” to match. Coruscant also thought “the game did well setting up the story, giving a believable background”. However, in contrast was JustTaylorNow who “found the game to be dull, plain and lifeless”, adding the “weapons handling was rubbish”.

There were quite a few of you who found the game to be boring. Stidgu explained they “only tried Metro 2033” but found themselves “bored of it after a couple of hours”, ultimately leading to them trading the game in. Similarly Tactical20 “Found it incredibly boring and generic, with little depth”, again resulting in them having “subsequently no desire to pursue any further”.

Also expressing “zero intention to go back” to Metro Redux was Kgkj. They again felt bored with the game saying “the graphics were dated to the point that everything looked so bland” and the “the AI was uninspired”.

Fortunately for Metro Redux there were some positives. Avenger explained “the gameplay was realistic in that you could so easily die, there was such a thing as recoil and bullets staying in the magazine, flash lights needed a recharge, and no HUD markers”, which “all made gun fights tense and meaningful”. They compared it to The Last of Us’ grounded mode which takes survival games to the next level.

Now it’s down to the votes. There was only a single vote for Buy It and Sale It, three for Avoid It and four for Plus It. So it looks like Metro Redux really isn’t worth buying; the post-apocalyptic setting might be a little dull and uninspiring. Instead it seems like it would be best to wait for the game to make it into the PlayStation Plus line up.

We will be taking a look at Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare tomorrow. Replacing it in the poll is InFamous: First Light.



  1. I’ve gone from ‘stigdu’ to ‘stidgu.’ Heh, made me chuckle. :)

  2. I find it imo shocking that TSA viewed the Metro series as dull. Wtf guys…. :P

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