Metacritic’s worst games of 2019 include FIFA 20 on Switch and WWE 2K20

Metacritic have revealed the worst game of 2019 and there are some big names in the list. The games must have had at least seven reviews from professional critics and are separated by platform. If a single title would have ranked on the list multiple times due to low scores on more than one platform they only included the lowest scoring platform.

Lt’s take a the top ten!


10: : Narcos: Rise of the Cartels (PC)

“A tactical game set in the world of the Netflix series Narcos, Rise of the Cartels allows you to choose which side to play on—with the DEA, or with the Narcos. But critics suggest you’ll probably grow bored with the game long before you decide to play through a second time.”

9: Generation Zero (PS4)

“Hailing from the Swedish studio behind the (much better) Just Cause series, Generation Zero is an open-world first-person shooter set in a post-apocalyptic Sweden plagued by killer robots. One problem: It appears to draw heavily (and without authorization) on the work of artist Simon Stålenhag, who has created numerous images of a post-apocalyptic Sweden plagued by killer robots. Another problem: It’s more “empty world” than “open world,” and what’s present is often broken.”

8: Submersed (PS4)

“It’s probably not a good sign that the official description of this survival horror game, in which you play as a coast guard paramedic who responds to a distress call from an offshore platform, advises that you’ll get to solve “enigmas and puzzles.” The real enigma is how it was released with such poorly conceived gameplay.”

7: FIFA 20: Legacy Edition (Switch)

“Make no mistake: EA’s annual soccer title was certainly decent enough in its other forms (PS4, XB1, PC). But the Switch version was even worse than an afterthought. That “Legacy Edition” in the title is your first tipoff: The Switch version is definitely not the same game that landed on other platforms. In fact, it is really just FIFA 19 with updated rosters—and the Switch version of FIFA 19 wasn’t all that great to begin with.”

6: WWE 2K20 (PS4)

“The yearly wrestling games from Visual Concepts and 2K rarely earn positive reviews. But 2019’s instalment is particularly bad, with the version released at launch in October plagued by numerous glitches—not to mention a decent heaping of pointlessness.”

5: Dollhouse (PS4)

“A first-person “horror noir” adventure that finds you playing as an amnesiac detective trying to piece together her past while navigating a procedurally generated map, Dollhouse wastes a decent concept with lousy graphics and tedious gameplay, according to reviewers.

4: Contra: Rogue Corps (Switch)

“Konami’s attempt to revive its run-and-gun shooter series Contra after an eight-year absence fell flat with critics, who felt that it deviated too much from Contra’s formula and failed mightily on execution. Reviews were slightly less terrible on other platforms. Slightly.”

3: Blades of Time (Switch)

“Released on previous-generation consoles in 2012, this hack-and-slash title from Gaijin Entertainment has never received particularly good reviews. But this new Switch port is the lowest-scoring version to date, with critics wondering why anyone bothered to revive the game for current hardware.”

2: Left Alive (PS4)

“The worst 2019 game released by a major publisher (in this case, Square Enix), Left Alive is the first game in nearly a decade in the Front Mission sci-fi mech war series. It’s a spinoff based on stealth mechanics, and critics find it a clumsy and annoying simulation of a Metal Gear Solid game, even though it borrows that franchise’s artist, Yoji Shinkawa. His work isn’t the problem, but the terrible AI is.”

1: Eternity: The Last Unicorn (PS4)

“An elf heads out on a mission to save the final unicorn from a group of evil witches in an action-RPG loosely based on Norse mythology. The game actually comes from a new Brazilian studio, Void Studios, and while they claim Eternity features “classic game mechanics that bring a nostalgic feeling to players,” nostalgia isn’t exactly the word we’d use to describe what reviewers are experiencing. Nearly every critic had the same complaint: Everything about Eternity is outdated, from the gameplay mechanics to the concept, making it seem like it should have been released an eternity ago.”

Congratulations to Eternity: The Last Unicorn! When we reviewed that title, which scored an impressive 2/10, we said “If it means having to play Eternity to save them, you’re better off letting that last Unicorn go extinct.”


Source: Metacritic

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