Resident Evil 6’s Average User Score On Metacritic Is 0.4

One again the hive mind of the Internet has proven to be – there’s no point beating about the bush here – a huge twat.

Resident Evil 6 has 2,484 user ratings on Metacritic and currently has a score of just 0.4.


Metacritic do not post a table of the lowest user scores but I would guess that very few games have rated as badly as this over the years.

Obviously the score is ridiculous, as are many of the comments. ‘It look like a PSP game ported to HD console’ claims ‘blabla33’ whilst ‘Rick_Donkulous’ offers these sage words, ‘Crapcom totally shat the bed with this turkey.’

It appears a lot of the people registering a score have not played the game and are laying in to Capcom for turning a survival horror game into a shooter.

Capcom will be upset by the reaction but it would be interesting to find out what is happening over at EA, specifically at Visceral and Dead Space 3.

I wonder if they are paying attention?

Source: Metacritic



  1. Ha ha complete crosswords has a better user score than Resi 6. I haven’t played it but I doubt it’s really worse that the Sims Pets 3. People really like to go overboard with this stuff

    • It’s even lower than Hannah Montana, even Haze got 6.8

      • Getting beat by a Hannah Montana game has to be the lowest point for a game dev. I bet Capcom closes down in embaressment after this

      • AAArrgh! Please don’t remind me that Haze existed.

  2. Oh man… DmC is bound to get worst.

    • Or Metal Gear Rising :S

      • Actually, i have played both & they are both stand up titles, DMC especially.

        Yes, Dante is pretty much a complete d*ck in DMC, but the important part is still there… The frantic gameplay.

        MGR is a decent effort, but could do with being a bit speedier & having a decent block system.

  3. Resident Evil suck’s anyway (because I keep dying xD)

  4. “Metacritic do not post a table of the lowest user scores”

    Resident Evil is bottom for the ps3 and 360.

    The wii actually has some that get lower but they have far far fewer reviews

    • Oh alright clever clogs,. I couldnt find it :)

  5. Im going through the Leon storyline at the moment and i think its pretty good so far. The demo using the Chris storyline wasnt brilliant but then again thats just a demo. A friend of mine hated everything about it playing the demo but played splitscreen with me yesterday and now i have to leave it where it is for him to come up and carry on because he doesnt want to miss what happens next. I know its only my opinion and i am nowhere near completing it yet but if i were to score what i have played so far i would give it a 8/10.

  6. Pixeljunk Racers 2nd Lap 1.8 user score? Seriously?! Sim 3 Pets 0.7?! I’m so glad I pay no attention to any of that whatsoever.

  7. this just shows what a load of crap metacritic is to be honest. I’ve never taken any notice of those scores because of this reason. People posting stupid scores for a laugh.

  8. i blame it on unemployment rates

    too many people having too much time on their hands and spending it with whining about stuff they can’t afford to make themselves believe they don’t need it anyway.

  9. The problem is, it doesn’t have image stabilization like the amazing new Nokia Lumia 920.

    • Er.. whut?

      • He’s right though – It doesn’t. XD

      • Indeed. It doesn’t.

        Just a sly jibe at how 90% of internet Forums/Comment Pages are full of Windows Phone nut jobs at the moment.

    • This!

  10. resident evil 4 is one of my greatest games ever made but I think the series has lost its way now. I finished leons story last night and was deeply saddened as to what the series has become more of an action game than a survival horror.way too many QTE and not enough puzzles for my liking I had to force myself to finish it that’s how bad I thought it was

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