Rainbow Six Siege “Road to S.I 20” event now live with Battle Pass

Kicking off 2020 with its biggest in-game event to date, Ubisoft is making a huge effort to promote this year’s Six Invitational.

Rainbow Six Siege will once again return to its hometown of Montreal as 16 of the world’s best teams descend upon Place Bell for a weekend of intense FPS action.


To celebrate, Ubisoft has launched its latest in-game event for Siege while also launching a battle pass with plenty of items and bonuses for players to unlock.

Now live on all platforms, “Road to S.I 20” features a new limited-time game mode that takes place on a purpose built map called Stadium.

For those who care about R6 lore (note that the cinematic trailer above mentions “Siege Universe) this modular arena is part of a training program devised by the head of Rainbow himself, Harishva Pandey.

The stunning animation gives us a closer look at several fan favourite Operators, most of them wearing sporting attire instead of their usual helmets, masks, and body vests. We also get a brief look at the Stadium being put together. As its located in Greece, some have speculated that one of Year 5’s Operators will also be Greek.

Going back to the event itself, you’ll be playing Bomb matches complete with a pick and ban phase with Siege’s full roster being accessible. Note that a handful (including Blitz, Caveira, and Hibana) will be decked out in their unlockable Road to S.I 20 skins.

We’ve yet to go hands on with the new map though it’s promising to spice things up thanks to the addition of bulletproof glass, offering more visibility than its other maps.

You can dive in any time between now and Sunday night but this mode will be limited to weekends only leading up to the Six Invitational finals on February 16th.

Ubisoft is also adding a themed battle pass to Siege. If you’re familiar with the term then you’ll know exactly what to expect. For everyone else, here’s a quick breakdown.

During the Road to S.I 20 you’ll earn points that keep into a progression bar, unlocking rewards such as cosmetic unlocks for your Operators. Those willing to pony up 1200 R6 Credits will have two bars to fill and therefore more rewards. There are 35 tiers on both tracks and a total of 48 items to unlock.

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