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Shenmue III gets a little bit racy with its first DLC, out next week

Unlike the first two games in the series, Shenmue III isn’t done just yet, as YS Net announced the first DLC for their long awaited sequel. Battle Rally will be out next week on 21st January, bringing a new activity and a new protagonist for players to play as.

All that Shenmue fans wanted for the last two decades was more Shenmue, and they finally got it at the end of last year with the release of Shenmue III. And now there’s just that little bit more again, though maybe not in the way they were hoping after the game failed to wrap up the series’ overarching narrative.


Battle Rally is a “race unlike any other”, as you race through a course that also includes head to head battles against the other competitors. Naturally you’ll be able to play as the story’s main hero, Ryo Hazuki, but can also choose to run around as the treasure-seeking Wuying Ren or Ryo’s sparring partner Wei Zhen, who’s making her first appearance in this game.

Playing the game back in November, Jim said, “Shenmue III is exactly what you’d expect. From what we’ve played so far (and we’ve only scratched the surface) it has proven to be a faithful continuation of the beloved landmark series and one that’s benefitted from some light modernisation without changing what fans found so magically alluring about Shenmue in the first place.”

Battle Rally certainly seems to tap into that, fleshing out some more of the potential side activities that players can engage in the world. Really fans will be hoping that Shenmue’s creator Yu Suzuki is able to find the financial backing to keep YS Net working on the series and continue his multi-part story. Perhaps that can be done through further DLC?

Battle Rally will be out for both PS4 and PC (via the Epic Games Store) on 21st January, setting you back £6.49.

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