Guilty Gear Strive trailer focuses on Faust gameplay

Arc System Works has released a brand new trailer for its upcoming fighter Guilty Gear Strive, which was announced last year. When Guilty Gear Strive was revealed there was confirmation that Faust would be returning. Today, the trailer that was released is fully focused on Faust and the character’s gameplay which you can watch below.

What we do know so far about Guilty Gear Strive is that it is a PS4 exclusive and is due in late 2020. At EVO Japan 2020 next week there will be a playable demo where I’m sure a lot more footage of the other characters will emerge.

In our last Guilty Gear review Miguel looked at Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 and wrote:

“Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 is an fantastic game, there’s no doubt about that. Revelator was already an incredible fighting game, and for anyone who’s yet to experience it this is an easy purchase to make. When you look at the game simply for what’s new and compare price points, things start to get a little dicey. There are other additions, but they’re so minor, and if you’re a player only interested in the competitive scene, they don’t matter to you at all. Rev 2 is an amazing all-around package, and deserves just as good a score as the last game, but as an add-on it’s a bit too light for the premium price-point it’s boasting.”

You can read the full review for that game here.

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