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Disintegration beta trailer is here, begins next week

Last week V1 Interactive announced the closed technical beta which is going to be available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Today, the studio released a new trailer for the beta which shows some of the action players will be taking part in. The footage focuses a lot on the gravcycle combat with players being able to fly around the map and deal massive damage from the air. There is also ground combat with grounded players able to take out the gravcycles.

The trailer also confirms what days players can expect to experience the Disintegration beta. From January 28th to January 29th there will be a closed multiplayer beta. Then from January 31st to February 1st there will be an open beta To sign up for the closed portion of the beta you need to go to the official Disintegration website.

If you’re planning to play on PC below are the recommended specs.



GPU | GTX 970


RESOLUTION | 1920X1080


CPU | RYZEN 5 1600

GPU | RX 480


RESOLUTION | 1920X1080

Disintegration got a full reveal at gamescom last year where more details about the story was confirmed in. The main character is Romer Shoal, a resistance fighter who is waging war against the Rayonne. The Rayonne want to remove all trace of humanity from their being while Romer and the rest of the fighters want to retain some aspects of their humanity. In both the single player and multiplayer players will be giving commands to their teams while being involved with the action.

Disintegration will be available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC at some point this year.

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