What We Played #454 – Disintegration, Bioshock Collection & The Last of Us Part II

What a week it’s been! At the top of everyone’s gaming week has probably been the PlayStation 5 reveal, though the appearance of The Last of Us Part II reviews has probably made for the perfect comedown this morning. Personally, I think the PS5 looks amazing, but it’s ridiculously big, and won’t fit in the already-large TV cabinet we have. That won’t stop me getting one, though!

I’ve been playing a load of Disintegration this week, and enjoying its unique charms quite a lot, while also taking some time with comfort gaming of the highest order by sinking back into Borderlands 2. Other than that, it’s actually been a relatively quiet week.

Nic B has pretty much exclusively been playing The Outer Worlds on Switch, saying “Great game; terrible port” – catch our review of that hereTuffcub meanwhile has continued to bore us silly with Destiny 2, but wait! He says “it’s fun again! Yay! The new season is much better than the last one.” He also played Medieval, but called it a “terribly dated game.”

Aran played Jet Lancer for review; “a fun shoot em up, and I’m making my way through the BioShock Collection on Switch for review too. I’ve enjoyed experiencing the series again having not played the games since they originally released.”

Jason has been playing a lot of Valorant, “which is a really good PvP shooter that feels a little barebones. I’ve also been playing more Terraria, and foolishly downloaded Destiny 2 again.” Good timing, since it’s apparently good again.

Jim found himself getting to that time when he needs a kart racing fix. “Having rapidly fell of Mario Kart Tour I decided to give the KartRider: Drift beta a spin on Xbox One having thoroughly enjoyed my time with KartRider: Rush+. Drift excels at being a fun and fast racer I can pick up and play in small bursts between tasks or to get me fired up before moving onto a bigger, chunkier game. I really looking forward to full release.” I guess he also played The Last of Us Part II, and kind of liked it.

Nick P has still only been playing Desperados 3, telling us “It’s a big game,” and giving it plenty of praise in his review.

Reuben has been working his way through sampling the delights on the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality on Itch.io, “finally experiencing fantastic titles like Minit and Celeste for the first time. I’ve been enjoying those indies so much in fact, that I’ve barely played Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition (which is awesome by the way and contains so many QoL changes I didn’t know I wanted).”

Finally, Tef has also been playing some of The Last of Us Part II, putting together the video to go with Jim’s words, murdering a few video game dogs in the process. He feels a bit bad about this.

What about you? Did you play games, or just watch videos of games you can maybe play next year?

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  1. As I was working too much over the last few weeks, I needed something to cheer me up and to relax: so I returned to Bloodborne.
    Although I’ve not touched it since I’d given up in June last year, I got quite quickly back into it.
    First, The Nightmare Frontier was rather frustrating, as I got invaded several times by some completely overpowered people who sort of one-hit killed me. I was glad when I found the bell witch to stop that.
    Thanks to a guy from Canada helping me out online, I then finished off Ebrietas and Amygdala (well, he mostly did, and I helped a little…). This game mechanics is great, that you can get help if you struggle with a boss..! Otherwise, I’d never have made it through.
    Oh, and I also found this blob deep down there, which I caused to fall ages ago. This game is so good..!
    So, I’ve finished off all main bosses now, am only about 2 trophies off one of the endings. As I’ve missed some collectables, I’ll not make it to the platinum anyway. I think NG+ is probably not for me, but maybe I’ll have a go.

  2. In Journey to the Savage Planet i’ve crept past and deactivated a deadly flower defense system in order to access a lava-filled area of frustration and death – ten times already. It’s still fun though.

    I picked up RE 7 Biohazard on sale. I could play it in VR but i’m too chicken, playing in flat mode is just as effective as i need it to be and i’m enjoying the atmosphere, the jump scares and the crazy family. The literally in-your-face attacks on the player are a bit much at times but overall it’s entertaining. I made it as far as the garage without dying but then i entered the garage.

    And also played lot’s more Dreams content. There’s an excellent short movie – Rabbit and Boy – well worth checking out if you’re dreamsurfing. The creators, CyberSheepFilm have also made it available to view on youtube.

  3. A load more RDR horsey shenanigans. Still nice and relaxing to trot about collecting stuff. My horse is still an idiot though. And I suspect Madam Nazar has a massive drinking problem with the amount of bottles of booze I’m helping her “collect”. How can I persuade her to come and live next to my moonshine shack so I can easily find her?

    Then some of the backlog of “free” games. They count as free if they’re part of a subscription, right?

    CoDWW2 is fun, but I shall give up once I get that last multiplayer trophy. The zombies mode is a bit shit this time, and I’ve done the campaign apart from the tedious collecting crap trophies and all those “do this thing half way through a level” ones.

    Metro Exodus got a bit tedious once the train stopped. The big open world level that takes ages to get across. Does it get more linear after that? Also, the loading times are terrible. 3 minutes to load, then the game dies with that unhelpful “something went wrong” number and then another 3 minutes to load.

    Then EA announced NFS Heat was coming to EA Access next week, so I thought I’d make a start on that with the 10 hour trial version. Which may well be a 10 hour trial, but you stop getting anywhere after a couple of hours once you hit level 10. I’ll get back to it on Tuesday then. It’s all good fun. Nice and drifty, liking the whole day/night thing, and the sort of nonsense story you’d expect. Best one since Rivals.

    VR fun was mostly Honor & Duty: D-Day again. Something about VR massively improves a silly little shooter with graphics that can best be described as “not great”. Actually being in the game as you leap out of a jeep you were driving at top speed, shoot someone in the face and then have the still moving jeep run someone else over is incredibly satisfying. Making up the back story with random people for who lives in a little house next to a tank factory is also fun. (It was Erik von Stachelschwine, who runs a small business selling decorative teapots)

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