Budget Cuts 2 Mutators Update adds smooth locomotion (smooooooth locomotion)

Having received “one or two requests”, Neat Corporation have released a patch to Budget Cuts 2: Mission Insolvency that adds the option of smooth locomotion – sing it with me and Carlos Sainz to the melody of Smooth Operator – as part of a Mutators Update that lets you tweak a bunch of game mechanics in the game.

The smooth locomotion option actually half breaks the game’s original concept, which is of using Portal-like portals to jump around the murder robot infested world, though that doesn’t make the Translocator completely redundant. Designer Olle Axelsson says, “This custom setting enables you to move around in a traditional FPS style. You will still find the Translocator useful when moving between surfaces that are unreachable using smooth locomotion movement though.”


Smooth locomotion is just one of the Mutators in the game, gameplay mods that can do things like add Aim Assist to throwing knives or adds slow motion to the game when you get shot at.

Here’s the Mutators Update patch notes:

  • Mutators system (customize your game to your liking, some will disable achievements)
  • Mutator: Homing knives (aka aim assist)
  • Mutator: Smooth locomotion
  • Mutator: Infinite Stabby Crystals
  • Mutator: Bullet Time
  • Mutator: Paltkoma (triggers slowmo when eating)
  • Mutator: Gravity modifier
  • Mutator: Enemy aim skill
  • Mutator: Enemy detection speed
  • Mutator: Bullet speed
  • Mutator: NPC animation speed
  • Mutator: NPC health
  • Mutator: Starting equipment
  • Mutator: Guns (guns)
  • Level select (select which level you start a new game from)
  • Winta VO bugfix in end fight
  • Collectibles bugfixes
  • Items no longer pile up at world origin on load
  • Can no longer cheat items through walls using the bow
  • Fixed tool select lagging behind when moving (such as elevators, smooth loco)
  • Various small fixes

Jason reviewed the sequel at the end of last year, saying, “Budget Cuts 2: Mission Insolvency is an excellent addition to the Budget Cuts universe, one which well and truly builds on the original in every way. The new tools add in plenty of new strategies and the stealth gameplay is just as good as it was in the first game. The levels have a bit more variety now too, which should be a nice change for anyone who works in an office in real life. It could have done with a slightly longer tutorial for brand-new players, but aside from that, it’s a great addition to anyone’s VR library.”

To celebrate the update, the game is on offer with a 15% discount on Steam and the Oculus Store until 26th January.

Source: press release

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