Stardew Valley has topped 10 million sales

Stardew Valley is one of those games that kind of came out of nowhere and quickly gathered a huge fanbase. A simple farming game on the surface quickly became one which held a lot of stories and various systems to check out, and with continuous content being created by Concerned Ape the game has managed to stay fresh. It has certainly resonated with people as Concerned Ape announced that Stardew Valley has surpassed 10 million sales.

It was back in 2017 when Jim reviewed Stardew Valley and in his review he wrote:

The constant churn of daily activities may prove thankless and repetitive for those impatient and unwilling to immerse themselves, but if you surrender yourself to Stardew Valley and dig deeper beneath the surface you’ll find one of the best, most impactful games you’ll play this year, homage or not.

You can read the full Stardew Valley review here. Since the publication of that review Stardew Valley added a multiplayer function, released on multiple devices including mobile, and end game content as well as a slew of quality of life improvements.

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