Stardew Valley Is Coming To iOS Later This Month

Stardew Valley took years for one man studio ConcernedApe to make, but once it did it scratched an itch for a slice of life farming sim that so many people had. Since its original release on PC, it’s jumped to home console, Nintendo Switch and PS Vita, and now it’s coming to iOS.

Pre-orders have gone live on the iOS store ahead of a 24th October release, pegging the price at £7.99 / $7.99 / €8.99 in the process.

The game has been ported by The Secret Police, which is a London-based mobile dev team and not GCHQ. They’ve been tasked with taking version 1.3 of the game with all the latest story content and the Night Market, and then adapting the game with touch-screen controls and a redesigned UI. If you’ve been playing the game on computer, you can even port your save over via iTunes, though sadly this doesn’t support mods and won’t work with console saves.

Of course, what console players really want to know is when we’re finally going to see co-op on Switch and other consoles. Hopefully it’s not too much longer!

Source: press release

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