The Uncharted movie has been delayed again

The way things are going I might as well just have a “The Uncharted movie has lost a director / been delayed” post written in advanced and scheduled for every couple of months as, once again, the film has been delayed.

Originally scheduled for sometime around 2016 then delayed, delayed, and delayed quite a few more times until the film was given the most recent release date of December 2020. The Uncharted movie had a script, a director, and a star in the shape of Tom Holland who will be playing a younger version of Nathan Drake, at last the stars had aligned and after over eleven years in development hell the movie was set to start shooting.


Unfortunately, no one had checked in with the Spider-Man team and it turned out that the filming schedule for Uncharted clashed with Tom’s commitments to the webslinger so Uncharted’s filming had to be moved. That in turn meant the new schedule clashed with something in director Travis Knight’s plans and he had to leave the project.

That brings us up to date with the news that the film is now set for a March 2021 release but at present still does not have a director. It also means there is just thirteen months to film, edit, and get to movie on to screens which seems an impossible task if they are to capture the magic of Uncharted, surely it’s going to have quite a few VFX shots. If we look a movie that has a similar setting to Uncharted, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, that started filming in September 2016 and was released in December 2017 so if Uncharted wants to make the March 2021 release date they need to start filming, well, now, but that is impossible as the do not have a director.

TLDR: Expect another “The Uncharted movie has been delayed” post in about three or four months. I will go and write it up now to save some time.

Source: THR

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  1. It’s probably best that the delay keeps happening until everyone forgets that the script exists. All we’re ever going to do is worry that it’ll be a shit film, I’m worrying now, it’s going to take hours of distraction until I can go back to forgetting this project exists and get on with my day.

  2. Look on the bright side, by the time they film it Tom Holland might be old enough to play adult Drake which probably most people want anyway :D

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