Apex Legends Season 4 champion is not Forge but Revenant it seems, statement released

Yesterday, Respawn put out a little short in which the newly announced Apex Legends champion Forge was giving an interview. He was talking about how excited he was to be joining the roster, and how he’d do in the arena. The little interview was going rather well until the lights flickered allowing other rumoured character Revenant to appear and literally murder Forge.


It’s confirmed that Forge is dead. If you go to the official Apex Legends site Forge’s entry is greyed out with the words “RIP Jimmie “Forge” McCormick. Undefeated (except for that one time).”  So you won’t be able to use his robotic arm to pull some dangerous punches. After Forge’s murder, a statement was put out by the Apex Legends Twitter under the guise of Outlands TV.

This is not the first time Revenant has appeared in Apex Legends. The character was first revealed for the game’s inaugural Halloween Event. Since then players have been waiting to actually get him as a fully playable character. It’s likely that as the day progresses there will be confirmation of Revenant so he is ready to go when Season 4: Assimilation begins.

The new character is not the only addition to Apex Legends in season 4. There’s a new sniper rifle called the Sentinel, a new battle pass that will feature brand new skins, Apex Packs, loading screens, and other items. Season 4 also sees the beginning of Ranked Season 3 with some changes which are listed below:

  • Moving to Splits per season, ~6 weeks of ranked play before a reset
  • Adding Master Tier, Apex Predator becomes top 500 players by platform.
  • Soft reset and scoring are the same, but soft reset is every split.
  • Dive trails will be moving to a seasonal reward model, but Series 1 & 2 players are grandfathered in

Apex Legends Season 4 will begin on February 4th with players getting a free gift on the day to celebrate the game’s first anniversary.

Source: Twitter/Respawn

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