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BioShock inspired Atomic Heart gets bonkers new teaser

It’s been a little while since we last checked in with Atomic Heart, the crazy looking first person shooter set in an alternate history Soviet Union.

Well, a new teaser trailer has just been released and… yeah, it’s just as perplexing as what we’ve already seen from Russian developer, Mundfish.

In nutshell, you play as a KGB agent sent to investigate a Soviet facility overrun by a menagerie of robots, some of which look as though they’ve been plucked from NieR: Automata. There’s plenty of other sci-fi weirdness afoot too. This fresh look at Atomic Heart shows off new areas of the game as well as a brief glimpse of melee combat and a giant mechanical worm. Sign us up!

With a new trailer for game having just dropped, hopefully we’re a little closer to Mundfish announcing a release date for the project. Previously, Atomic Heart was slated for late 2019 according to its Steam store page but now it reads “TBA”.

Over on the official studio website, Mundfish is currently taking pre-orders for Atomic Heart on both PlayStation 4 and PC with a digital download edition, “Deluxe Founders” edition, and “Atomic Founders” edition currently up for grabs. Prices range between $39.99 and $99.99 – those who pay top dollar for their copy of Atomic Heart can get their name and photo in the game.

Here’s the official blurb, outlining the game’s story:

Atomic Heart is an action RPG with FPS elements set in the alternate version of the USSR . Technological revolution powered by Communism has already happened: robots, the Internet, holograms and other futuristic stuff make everyday life of the Soviet citizens better & brighter. These great technological advances are made at special facilities placed all over the country.

Recently one of such temples of science, The Facility 3826, went dark. As a KGB Officer you are going in to find out what happened there and to restore order no matter the cost…
The world of Atomic Heart consists of several regions with different biomes. On the surface and under the ground you will meet exotic mechanical creatures designed to serve the needs of people, for some reason turned into combat-ready killing machines.

We’ll definitely keep Atomic Heart on our radars and we hope its sheer absurdity translates into a game worth playing.

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  1. I love the design of this, really hope it turns out well. Good to see it’s still happening after the rumours of it possibly just being vaporware.

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