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DayZ 1.10 patch notes confirmed

Developer Bohemia Interactive has rolled out its latest console update for popular sandbox survival game, DayZ.


In order to access servers and multiplayer features you will need to download and install this latest patch before launching the game client.

Update 1.10 doesn’t make any major changes to DayZ though players will want to take note of the following tweaks and fixes, as outlined in the patch notes below:


  • Fixed: A server crash caused by inventory manipulation
  • Fixed: Missing icon for the night vision goggles attachment slot
  • Fixed: NVG’s were not operable while holding an item in hands (
  • Fixed: Door of the Radio Station would spawn opened half-way


  • Changed: Non-lethal ammo configuration against players and zombies
  • Tweaked: The sun or moon were disappearing during certain weather conditions
  • Tweaked: “Bright” night darkness during stronger overcast
  • Tweaked: The pickaxe can build watchtowers and fences again
  • Tweaked: Guts and fat from human bodies cause brain disease
  • Tweaked: Increased Repeater damage

This follows the recent 1.07 patch which added a new weapon, map updates, and gameplay changes.

Bohemia Interactive made the announcement last week that it will start to shut down servers due to inactivity. DayZ fans shouldn’t be concerned as most of these are excess servers which were fired up towards the end of 2019 to handle the influx of players following the Livonia DLC release.

However, to avoid having your character, items, and progress wiped, make sure you head over to the official DayZ forum to see if one of your resident servers will soon get the chop.

Livonia launched in December 2019 and is DayZ’s first big premium expansion since the game launched. It adds an entire new map for players to explore and is priced at £11.49.

DayZ will be continually updated throughout the year though these updates will be further spaced apart according to Bohemia. In a recent post addressing the developer’s plans for 2020, Bohemia confirmed that DayZ’s base building will be a focus, as will environmental exposure, and general quality of life improvements to the game.


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