Dreams PS4 trophy list confirmed

Sony’s first major exclusive of 2020 is just a couple of days from launch now and it’s shaping up to be something very, very special.


Unveiled during the PlayStation 4 reveal event way back in 2013, Dreams has been in the oven for a long time, Media Molecule having spent years refining a complex yet approachable suite of creation tools.

Ahead of its February 14th release date (February 11th if you have early access) we have the full list of PS4 trophies:

Trophy Hunter
Collect all bronze, silver and gold trophies
Set the Scene & Brave the Elements
Complete the imp quest for your first time creating
Come Aboard!
Complete all of the introductory imp quests
Creative Thinker – Ancient Temple Theme
Complete the Ancient Temple creative imp quest
Creative Thinker – Welcome Home Theme
Complete the Welcome Home creative imp quest
Mastering the Classes
Complete 3 masterclasses
Return to Sender
Remix another dreamer’s creation and send them the result
Nice to Meet You
Follow a creator you admire
Complete 5 tutorials
Home Sweet Home
Spend 30 minutes decorating your homespace
Just Dropping In
Revisit the Dream Queen’s homespace – her profile is MmDreamQueen
Hi Five!
Reach dreamer level 5
Reach dreamer level 20
Blowin’ Up!
Reach dreamer level 30
My First Creation!
Release your first ever creation to the Dreamiverse.
The Thornbeak!
Meet your enemy
Get out of My Dream!
Why are you here, Thornbeak?!
Take Back Control
Stop the train!
Find a Friend
Find ELE-D
Level Up
Level up Francis and Foxy
Connecting with Old Friends
Meet Laila at the cabin
The Hardest Parts
Complete The Convergence
Thank You for Playing
Complete Art’s Dream
Pop all the Bubbles!
Collect all the prize bubbles in Art’s Dream
Sassy Kitty
Max out the sassyness on a character
Kit Collage!
Build a scene using elements from 20 different creators
All the Tools Are Mine
Use every tool in create mode
Make Yourself Presentable
Customize your profile page
Every Tool in the Box
Use every tool in create mode, plus the customization tools on your profile and creation cover pages
Stamp Collector
Reach rank 3 or higher in the Stamp Collector imp quest
Reach rank 3 or higher in the Potter imp quest
Making Some Noise
Reach rank 3 or higher in the Making Some Noise imp quest
Reach rank 3 or higher in the Bravo imp quest
I Have an Idea!
Reach rank 3 or higher in the I Have an Idea imp quest
Set Them Free
Reach rank 3 or higher in the Set Them Free imp quest
Lining up the Fun
Reach rank 3 or higher in the Lining up the Fun imp quest
Music for All Ears
Reach rank 3 or higher in the Music for All Ears imp quest
Home Visit!
Reach rank 3 or higher in the Home Visit imp quest
Reach rank 3 or higher in the Puppeteer imp quest

Overall, the Dreams platinum trophy looks very attainable – due to the game’s vast scope we weren’t even sure if it would have trophies in the first place. Media Molecule has engineered its list in such a way that encourages players to actually play through tutorials and engage with the creation aspect.

Source: PSN Profiles

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  1. Surely the reason the trophies encourage the creative side is because the actual game side of it is pathetically short? There’s about 2 hours of game alongside the creative tools.

    Should have been delayed a bit so they could put more in, along with all the other bits that are missing, like VR support for a start.

    • Da F..k!?! only two hours of “story” mode? For real?

      • It might take a bit longer to get the last of the 9 trophies, if you miss some of the prize bubbles. But apart from that, it’s about 2 hours long.

        It’s 2 very good hours, jumping about between various different types of game. But it doesn’t stick to one for long, and does end up just being a sort of showcase for what you could make yourself, with a lot of effort.

        So on the one hand it’s a bit lacking in the story mode compared to LittleBigPlanet. But on the other hand, the things you could make (and people have already made) are quite ridiculous. You could spend days playing random things people have made. And at least it’s not a broken mess that crashes every 10 minutes, like LBP3 was.

        Don’t let the 2 hours thing put you off though. It really is an incredible achievement, and some of the things people have made are very impressive. And hopefully it’ll improve over time.

      • So plenty of good stuff from the users then? If that’s the case I shall retain my preorder. Thanks!

      • Oh, definitely lots of fun stuff people have made to discover. Or to remix in whatever way you see fit.

        And it’s going to be massive for those with Fancy Hats. Whenever they release the VR support.

    • I think i clocked in closer to three hours but yes, it’s quite short in comparison to LBP. Beautifully done though, well polished and fun to play. I believe they intend to add more story content in future but there is no shortage of impressive user creations to check out either.
      It’s a veritable ‘youtube’ of gaming and interactive experiences plus animations, sculpts, paintings and music and every combination thereof. Mileage may vary as a play-only experience but the tools are very accessible and creating your own stuff will provide hours of satisfaction.

      Speaking of which – i have already subjected the dreamiverse to some of my abominations, time you showed us your’s MrYd ;P

    • Haven’t touched “Art’s Dream” yet but 2-3 hours sounds about right.

      That’s the thing about Dreams – it’s not really about what Media Molecule makes, it’s about the community. However, trying to pitch that to PS4 punters is a tough sell.

      • 11 of the 39 trophies are about what MM makes. The 9 for Art’s Dream, and the 2 Creative Thinker trophies. Those involve remixing 2 of their things and publishing them. And then watching the whole thing get swamped with things called “My Creation 14/2/2020” tomorrow. And somehow getting comments and thumbs up for doing it.

        It really needs a much longer story mode. At 2 hours with half a dozen different types of game in, it just comes across as “Look! You can do this! And this! Or even this, if you want!”. And it’s not even as if you can take any of those different little games and turn them into something bigger. (You can’t remix Art’s Dream, because reasons)

        I’m not saying it’s not all worth it. Reviews so far have been giving it 9s and 10s, and I’d agree with that. But a decent length game along with the creative stuff could have pushed it up another point. So it’d get 10s and 11s. However that works.

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