Gran Turismo Sport has over 8 million users, over 41 billion KM driven

Gran Turismo Sport is a game that is seeing growth despite being released in 2017. Last week during the GT Sport Sydney Tour event just how much it has grown was revealed by Polyphony Digital CEO Kazunori Yamauchi. In a presentation, he showcased that GT Sport had surpassed 8.2 million users which was up by over a million since last year, and that combined the drivers had driven over 41 billion KM in total.

Additionally, drivers had racked up 937 million races since GT Sport’s launch with 32 million of them online. In terms of liveries drivers really are spoilt for choice as there have 81 million of those created, and there are some photography enthusiasts within GT Sport which has led to over 70 million photos having been taken in-game.

In terms of the actually results from the GT Sport Sydney Tour the winners were as follows.

Nations Cup Final

  1. Takuma Miyazono (Japan)
  2. Cody Nikola Latkovski (Australia)
  3. Jonathan Wong (Hong Kong)

Manufacturers Series Final

  1. BMW – Coque López (Spain), Nicolás Rubilar (Chile), Randall Haywood (USA)
  2. Porsche -Angel Inostroza (Chile), Tristan Bayless (USA), Mathew Simmons (Australia)
  3. Lexus -Kanata Kawakami (Japan), Andrew Brooks (Canada), Baptiste Beauvois (France)

In our review for GT Sport Stefan wrote:

Gran Turismo Sport is a near essential purchase for PlayStation 4 racing fans. There might be a few disappointments in some of the limitations and regressions, but the brilliance of the game is in the small details that combine to enable willing players to become better drivers and racers and the implementation of multiplayer. Underneath it all, this is still a very familiar feeling Gran Turismo racing game, but it’s also one that’s set to grow and evolve over time and looks set to herald a new era of competitive online racing.

You can read the full GT Sport review here to find out the final score.

Source: GT Planet

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  1. 41 billion km is quite a distance.

    I think that calls for another of my posts full of maths, doesn’t it? Or at least the answer to my maths.

    The Voyager 1 spacecraft officially left the solar system a few years ago, and is currently (well, a month or so ago) 22.2 billion km away. So 41bn km is 85% further.

    Light from that far away would take more than a day and a half (37 hours 59 minutes and 21 seconds, to be precise)

    By a strange coincidence, 38 hours is just about how long I get obsessed with GT Sport before leaving it alone for a couple of months.

    • 41 billion km is a fair distance here on earth but to all the aliens out there in the milky-way it’s tiny. :)

      • It’s about 0.1% of the distance to the nearest star. Our entire galaxy is 35m times that distance.

        If you want to make that 41bn km seem ridiculously small, the diameter of the so-called observable universe (it’s complicated) is some 20 trillion times the distance.

        But 41bn km is still bloody huge. Just some things are even more enormous.

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