Latest New World dev diary reveals the factions of Amazon’s colonial era MMO

Amazon Games Studios’ upcoming MMO New World takes players to a dark colonial era fantasy setting of Aeternum, the Eternal Isle. With the game due out in May, the company are featuring a series of dev diaries to reveal more about the world, what you’ll do and who you’ll meet/fight. For the second entry, they’re focussing on the warring forces of Aeternum.


Developed by Amazon Game Studios Orange County, New World is an epic struggle for power, as you venture to the island of Aeternum, seeking the power that has corrupted the land and all those that have come before you. Speaking of which, you’ll likely face some of those who went before, as immortality and corruption here mean that Romans, knights and your contemporaries can all be twisted into the Corrupted.

Arriving on the island, you’re stranded. Your ship has crashed and you have no allies, and you’ll soon have to forge relationships with other players simply to survive. There’s several factions fighting over the island. The Lost, dead sailors and pirates who’ve lost their soul and are stuck in a state of half-death, the Angry Earth, protectors of the land who are trying to fight back, and the Ancients, an advanced civilisation that crumbled for mysterious reasons and whose ruins and secrets you’ll uncover. Not the most imaginative of faction names, I’m sure you’ll agree…

There’s also The Corrupted, which can summon portals to bring enemies to attack you or block certain paths. And there’s the most corruptible force of all: other players. Large scale territorial wars will run amok as you fight for lands and settlements.

Since being announced in 2018, the game’s time period and the way that colonial powers stomped across the globe has meant some people view the game in a controversial light – the fact that America still celebrates Columbus Day is a sore point for many given his legacy led to the persecution of the indigenous peoples of the Americas – but Amazon are sidestepping this by trying to strip the game world of such a context. There’s no indigenous peoples, and you use magical abilities alongside gunpowder and flintlock rifles. Still, you do have certain holdovers from the Ancients that left their temples and monuments behind, as seen in a dev diary sneak peek.

New World is coming to PC in May, but eager players who pre-order the game will get access to a closed beta in April, as well as cosmetics that include Isabella’s amulet, the Fist Bump emote, a guild crest set, and the Expedition One unique title.

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