Nintendo Switch Lite Coral version revealed, out March in Japan

Nintendo has announced a new colour for the Nintendo Switch Lite and it is Coral Pink. So far, it appears that this colour will only be available in Japan for the time being where it will launch on March 20th, with reservations for the console starting on March 7th. This console will be priced at 19,980 yen plus tax. That makes the base price roughly £140/$180 looking at current rates. Of course, if you want to import this version there will be additional costs that would be charged.


When the Switch Lite released back in September Stefan wrote a review and said:

The Switch Lite is all about being a handheld; it’s about being a second Switch for smaller bags, it’s about being a sturdier, more bashable goggle box for kids. In all of these cases, it’s the better device, but it makes a few too many small compromises on the way. If you know exactly what you want from your console though, the Nintendo Switch Lite could clearly be the better (and cheaper) console to pick up and enjoy Nintendo’s latest and greatest.
Of course, the Lite version does not have detachable Joy-Cons like the original console but 8bitdo has created a Bluetooth double d-pad controller that can be used with the Switch Lite. The pad does not have any analog sticks, but the button mapping should make it compatible with the majority of Switch titles. The pad is also compatible with Windows, Steam, and Raspberry Pi. The 8BitDo pad is priced at £19.99 on Amazon.
The Coral colour is the first new colour that Nintendo has announced for the Switch Lite and it is likely we will get many more as time goes on. In the past, Nintendo has released consoles that are purple, red, and green so maybe those colours will be next.
Source: Nintendo 
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