Sony patent what appears to be a finger tracking PlayStation VR controller

What looks like a new PlayStation VR controller patent has been filed by Sony in August last year has just been published and if the hardware comes to market it may soon be time in to trade in your PSVR dildos for a good fingering. The ‘WO2020031271 – Controller Device’ does not mention PSVR specifically but does look similar to other handheld VR controllers.

First spotted by 91mobiles, the patent is in Japanese but a quick run through Google Translate reveals that Sony seemed to have solved a big, and indeed small, problem: people have different sized hands. The device allows for the “adjusting the arrangement of finger sensors provided in the controller device”.


Although not shown in the diagrams the description mentions that information from the controller can be wired or wireless. There does not appear to be any lights of any sort on the controller so it would not work on current PSVR hardware and is probably meant for PSVR 2 in the future.

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Last year LetsGoDigital, the site that uncovered the PlayStation 5 development kits,  found a patent which could show how the next generation of PlayStation VR will function.

The new version of the device is wireless and communicates to the console via Bluetooth, while with two cameras located on of the front of the headset and one of the back are used for tracking, similar to how standalone headsets like the Oculus Quest works. The headset also has nine LEDs embedded and the option to use another camera for tracking, which is how the current PSVR model works, and a microphone.

The documents also show a new version of the Move controller which also has a built in camera. The front of the device hides yet another advance, a transparent mode so you will no longer need to take off your headset to see the real world. This also opens up the world of Augmented Reality, something the current PlayStation VR model can not do.

With all these new features it is unlikely that PlayStation VR 2 will be compatible with PlayStation 4, and as it will be a pricey bit of kit there is very little chance it will launch alongside PlayStation 5. Sony will probably hold off a year or two until PS5 has a decent user base and the sting of an expensive new console has been forgotten.

Source: PatentScope, first spotted by 91mobiles

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