Golf With Your Friends is swinging onto PS4, Xbox One and Switch this year

Golf With Your Friends is heading to consoles this year, as Team17 and Blacklight Interactive bring their crazy golf game to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch in Q2 2020.


This game really puts the emphasis on the crazy, with ten courses set in a variety of different environments, from peaceful forests to haunted houses and outer space, but then amps up the minigolf action significantly.

With up to 12 players online, you’re all playing simultaneously and are able to get in each other’s way with power ups that drop honey, turn them into cubes, or freeze them in place at just the wrong moment. There’s also multiple game modes beyond just regular golf, as you aim for basketball hoops or hockey goals.

Golf With Your Friends was originally released into Steam Early Access in 2016, and has stayed there ever since, despite growing a healthy following amongst online streamers. That it’s getting a console release is certainly an indication that the game will be hitting 1.0 on PC as well.

Source: press release

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