Golf With Your Friends free The Deep course and update out now

The crazy golf carnage of Golf With Your Friends is getting just that little bit crazier with a game update now available that adds a free new 18-hole course entitled The Deep.


The underwater setting sees players take to the depths of the see to find 18 holes of minigolf – what else? The scenery features everything from fully-functional cannons (somehow), sunken ships and even a few Krakens.

As with the rest of the game, up to 12 players can play at once with a variety of game presets and modifiers that turn ball collisions on or off, modify gravity, oddly shaped balls (arf), as well as funky powerups to mix things up even further.

Golf With Your Friends spent a fair bit of time in Steam Early Access before hitting 1.0 and launching in May for across PS4, Xbox One (with Xbox Game Pass), Switch and PC.

While it feels rough around the edges, there’s plenty of enjoyment to be had when actually playing with your friends. In our Golf With Your Friends review, I wrote:

Golf With Your Friends has all the rage-inducing charms of minigolf to savour while playing with your chums. With plenty of varied courses to play through and some good variations, there’s a lot of fun to be had, even if the game often feels inconsistent and unpolished.

To celebrate the new update, and with a bit of spooking in mind, Golf With Your Friends will be a part of the upcoming Steam Halloween Sale that’s due to kick off this week.

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