Baldur’s Gate 3 gameplay and screenshots revealed at PAX East, Early Access confirmed

Though leaks spoiled some of the surprises – the original article with those in is below – Larian Studios made a splash at PAX East with the reveal of a bunch of Baldur’s Gate 3 details, from combat and multiplayer, to graphics engines and the below intro cinematic. Oh, and they also confirmed that it will be getting an Early Access release on both Steam and Stadia, though when has not yet been stated.

The game will take players back tot he Forgotten Realms, and you start the game abducted and infected with a corruption that grows more powerful inside you. The benefit is that you become more powerful as well. There’s a wide set of D&D races and classes in the Origin Characters that you can start your journey with, and you’ll adventure, battle and even romance your way through the lands. It promises to offer a unique story that flows around your varying choices and actions.

Plenty of gameplay was shown off in the reveal stream:

The game is built on the new Divinity 4.0 engine, which is being used in new and more immersive ways – the downside is that Larian told Eurogamer that this won’t be possible on current gen consoles. While you can play from a high up isometric view, you can also draw the camera in for more of a distant third person feel to the role playing. It looks gorgeous as well, as shown off in the screenshots that leaked earlier, with more dynamic, close up conversations with other characters.

As with the Divinity: Original Sin games, you’re free to play completely on your own, add companions to your group or party up with four players in multiplayer. The game’s turn-based combat uses the D&D 5e rule set with things like team-based initiative, advantage and disadvantage and roll modifiers, but these are married to a game engine that features special combat cameras, more environmental interactions and more.

The original article follows:

What’s immediately clear from the screenshots is that developer Larian Studios are pushing their game engine further than ever before. Baldur’s Gate 3 will retain an isometric perspective, just like the original games and similar to the critically acclaimed Divinity: Original Sin and its even more highly praised sequel. The environments are absolutely gorgeous, though.

We also get a glimpse of the game’s minimalistic UI, with a simple mini-map in the top right hand corner, characters in the bottom left and abilities and items along the bottom. There’s also screenshots showing what the game’s combat and turn-based actions will look like.

Where things get really pretty, though, is with the new character dialogue. Here, instead of keeping the isometric view as is traditional in CRPGs, the game seems to shift to first person, much like is found in action RPGs. There’s the possibility these might also have a third person option, but we’ll have to wait until this evening to find out for sure.

You might note the dialogue that’s being shown here. It’s clear that there’s some drama involving a ship (a bit Divinity: Original Sin 2, eh?), there’s talk of parasites and voices, tying into the C’thulu-esque Mind Flayers from the announcement trailer, and an option marked [ELF], showing us that there will be specific dialogue tied to your race and background.

Finally, let’s just soak in how pretty this combat scene looks:

And this sublime environmental shot:

They’re really not holding back, considering that the reveal trailer is to be hosted by Google Stadia. Of course, the game is also coming to Windows PC, with a rumoured stay in Steam Early Access, and we can only cross our fingers for timely console ports.

Anyway, stay tuned for later today and the full gameplay trailer. We’ll update this story with further juicy details from this highly anticipated game.

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