Maquette is a tiny, yet huge puzzle game and a love story, coming soon to PC

Annapurna Interactive and developer Graceful Decay have today revealed Maquette, a recursive puzzle game and a love story at the same time. It’s coming soon to PC.


So what do we mean by recursive puzzling? Well, the world that you’re exploring somehow manages to exist within itself. Walk inside a gorgeously architected building and you’ll find a miniaturised version of it within, and if you step outside and look up? You’ll see a gigantic version of the building’s ceiling.

The puzzles come from being able to manipulate the miniaturised versions of the world, dropping items that might seem small and ordinary into it, and then finding that a gigantic version of that object has appeared in the “regular” sized world. It’s a trick that we saw in VR game The Fisherman’s Tale at the start of 2019.

Here, the puzzles live alongside a love story. Annapurna are on a roll of publishing touching stories wrapped up in all manner of indie games, from last year’s indie pop concept album of a game Sayonara Wild Hearts, to the recently ported story of a young woman’s first love in Florence. From the trailer, Maquette seems to be a tale of two people, Kenzie and Michael, their first meeting and some rather awkward flirting.

I’m sure it’ll make sense when the game comes out.

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