New Total War Three Kingdoms DLC announced, launches this month

Creative Assembly have announced their next expansion for Total War: Three Kingdoms, the latest in the studio’s long-running strategy game series.

“A World Betrayed” is the title of this newest slab of content which will available in a fortnight, launching on March 19th. It’s a standalone chapter pack priced at £7.99 and one that lets players don the roles of Wu warlord, Sun Ce, and legendary warrior of the Three Kingdoms, Lu Bu.

As either of the two new factions you can dive into a campaign that picks up following two pivotal turning points during this historic era. There’s the death of Sun Ce’s father, Sun Jian, during an ambush by Liu Biao’s forces. Then there’s Lu Bu slaying of his despotic foster father, Dong Zhuo.

Here’s some flavour text to get you in the mood for the game’s latest vengeful campaigns:

In the north, the tyrant Dong Zhuo has fallen to the blade of his adopted son, Lü Bu: a fierce warrior hellbent on defeating the great heroes of China. In the south, Sun Ce mourns the death of his father, the noble Sun Jian, and pledges his life to continue his father’s legacy. The day has come where they must stand alone, the future theirs to take…

Besides two new playable factions there will be new military units added to Total War: Three Kingdoms including the Tiger Guard, Flying Riders, and Handmaid Guard. A World Betrayed will also bolster the game’s roster of characters with the introduction of the Wu kingdom’s Cheng Pu and the Qiao sisters, among others.

This expansion follows the recent Mandate of Heaven DLC that launched back in January. This chapter pack shone a light on the Yellow Turban faction and their rise to power – the spark that ignited the Romance of the Three Kingdoms saga.

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