Total War: Three Kingdoms next DLC is Fates Divided, releasing in March

SEGA has confirmed the next chapter pack that will be released for Total War: Three Kingdoms, and that chapter pack is called Fates Divided. It will be available on March 11th. Fates Divided is set ten years after the main campaign of Total War: Three Kingdoms with the warlords Cao Cao and Yuan Shao going to war with each other to determine the future of China.. Players will also be able to use the Northern Army should they get enough victories, this being measured by the faction leader rank. Whoever hits rank seven first gets the Northern Army. Both warlords will also receive five new unique units.


Players will also be able to start a different campaign where they will start off as Liu Yan, before taking over as his son Liu Zhang to realise his father’s plans or fail at completing them. Alongside Fates Divided update 1.7 will be released. This update will rework Cao Cao’s and Yuan Shao’s factions, improvements to old systems, and a new faction council system, expanded faction ranks, and imperial intrigue. In our review for Total War: Three Kingdoms Jim wrote:

“Three Kingdoms is another solid instalment in the Total War franchise, but lacks a certain wow factor. Creative Assembly has made some clever refinements around the edges of that enduringly addictive strategic core, allowing fans to steep themselves in yet another historic saga. However, there’s a chance that some won’t gel with this new setting or the way Guanzhong’s epic has been adapted. It’s another fun and rewarding take on the series, though we’d struggle to call it a must-buy.”
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