Bleeding Edge’s latest unveiled fighter is Mekko, a trash talking dolphin in a mech suit

Ninja Theory is going out there when it comes to the characters in its 4v4 team fighter Bleeding Edge, and the latest character is not something you have really seen before. That new character is Mekko and Mekko is a dolphin. Seems fine except dolphins live in water so how does Mekko compete? By living in a tank that is within a mech that can fight. Oh, and Mekko trash talks opponents too.

Mekko is classed as a ranged tank and has the following abilities.

Basic abilities:

  • SONAR GUN -Continuously fire on enemies.
  • BUBBLE BLOCK – Protect yourself with a bubble shield. Absorbed damage feeds the Power Orbs passive.
  • POWER ORBS – Absorbing damage with Bubble Block generates Power Orbs. Expend Orbs while casting specials for extra effects.


  • Connect a lifeline to an ally. Mekko takes a percentage of their incoming damage. Activate again to wind the ally in.
  • With orbs: grant the target a shield.


  • Mark out a Safety Zone that grants Mekko and his allies armour and lifesteal.
  • With orbs: reduces healing received for enemies inside the area.
  • Surge forwards, knocking enemies in your path.
  • With orbs: also generate life while travelling.


  • SONIC BARRAGE – Barrage enemies with sonic blasts, dealing heavy damage and pushing them back.
  • EXCLUSION BUBBLE – Traps an enemy inside a bubble. Bubbled enemies cannot take damage, but their team can destroy the bubble.

Along with Mekko is a new map called Landslide and that is set in Mexico. Landslide will feature a lot of defensive power ups and trains, though the trains are smaller than the ones in Jersey Sink. A closed beta for Bleeding Edge will be taking place from March 13th to March 15th. Bleeding Edge’s release date is March 24th and it will be available on Xbox One and PC.

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