Horror roguelite The Persistence is going VR-free this summer

The survival-horror roguelite The Persistence gave VR owners a bit of a fright when it launched in the middle of 2018, and now, two years on the game is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC this summer.

The port to non-VR systems was actually announced last May, but has clearly taken a little bit longer than originally planned. Back then it was a shift to PS4, but now the company have revealed that it’s coming to many more platforms. The game is going multiplatform, but it will still be a VR exclusive for PSVR, and a sweetener there is that if you already own the game on PSVR, then the PS4 version will be a free update.

Of course, this was all designed with VR first and foremost in mind. Firesprite will have had to almost undo a lot of their work on that version of the game, tailoring the UI and controls back to more traditional flatscreen play. On the plus side, they’re also able to enhance the environmental graphics and post-processing effects.

MD and Co-founder of Firesprite Games Graeme Ankers said, “We’re excited and very much looking forward to bringing this game and universe we have created to new platforms for players. The Persistence is a survival-horror experience designed to keep players on edge from start to finish, and with a procedurally generated environment forming around them, no two playthroughs are ever identical, meaning you will never find safety or security in the same place.”

We had some nice things to say about the game in our The Persistence review. Dom wrote, “In The Persistence, the team at Firesprite have concocted a rogue-lite survival horror whose atmosphere and hard hitting combat feel fantastic in VR. Thanks to an impressive array of comfort options it’s also amongst the best PSVR experiences we’ve had, and for owners of Sony’s headset it’s damn near essential.”

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  1. Really enjoyed this but didn’t play much. VR In general made me quite motion sick. Can’t wait to play again in non VR

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