Animal Crossing: New Horizons – How to help Gulliver find his communicator parts

Everyone’s favourite hapless seagull is back in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, doing his usual schtick of falling overboard and being washed up on your shores. This will happen randomly through your time playing the game – we found him twice in three days shortly after we started playing – and it’s up to you to help get him back on his feet and back to his ship!

Of course, helping him will also net you a reward.

Waking up Gulliver

Gulliver’s a pretty heavy sleeper. Just talking to him once or twice won’t wake him up, you have to keep on talking to him time and time again until he opens his eyes, thanks you for helping him, and then ends up needing your help.

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How to Help Gulliver

Gulliver just needs to get back to his ship, which he can do by pulling out his phone and… oh, no! It’s completely smashed! He thinks he can fix it, but he’ll need you to find 5 Communicator Parts that have also washed up on the beaches of your island.

Unlike Gulliver himself, these will be buried under the sand. Now, you don’t have a metal detector, but then again you won’t need one. Instead you’ll have to keep a keen look out for the telltale signs that something is underneath the sand: a little wisp of water spray from a momentarily darkened spot.

On a regular day, digging these up with a shovel will just get you a clam (which you can turn into fish bait), but when Gulliver’s washed into town, you’ll just as likely find some of these Communicator Parts. Once you have all 5 Communicator Parts, you can head back and chat to Gulliver.

He’ll be ever so thankful as he shoves those parts back into his smashed up phone and call his mates. Oh, and he’ll promise to send you a gift in the post over the next few days.

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