Animal Crossing: New Horizons – How to get the Able Sisters on your island

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One of the staples of the Animal Crossing series is the Able Sisters boutique fashion store, bringing you all manner of great new clothes to dress up in. They’re back in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but you’ve got a small, but not insignificant part in helping them move to your island.

Meeting Mabel

Mabel will swing by to visit her friends, the Nooks, a few days after you’ve moved to your new island home. In fact, she’ll be chatting to the Nook twins the very first time you walk through the doors of Nook’s Cranny, which you’ll have helped the twins build.

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As you amble in, they’ll be chatting away about island life as you just hang around listening in. A bit rude, but they don’t seem to mind – Mabel will give you a cute little “Hi!” on her way out.

Mabel’s pop-up store

From that point on, Mabel can visit the town square with a little pop-up shop of her wares to sell. This will be your proper introduction to the seamstress hedgehog, and she’ll explain that she’s scouting the island to see if there’s enough interest, and obviously you’ll want to support her fledgling business!

That’s not necessary in our experience. Her appearances are at random and between two island saves we spent 5,660 Bells on one island and 4,260 Bells on the other. In both cases on her third appearance, she asked for help in finding a site for a full shop.

Able Sisters

The Able Sisters store will open the next day, and will be open from 9AM to 9PM each day. Within the store are three areas, one with a daily range of single clothing items, one with weekly full outfits, and another area featuring custom designs on more basic clothing styles.

You also have access to a changing room. Here you can preview all of the clothing items available in the store quickly, as well as checking them out in different colours. If you like what you see, you can put together a brand new outfit, pay for it and walk out the door wearing it – Mabel will ship your other clothes to your home’s storage.

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