Animal Crossing sea creatures guide – when, where and how to catch them in New Horizons

With the Summer Update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, there’s a new twinkle in Blathers’ eye at the prospect of new discoveries to display in his finely curated museum. With all the swimming and diving going on, there’s a whole host of sea creatures for you to be able to collect and add to the fish tanks in the aquatic wing of the museum.

Now, he’s pretty up front about the fact that calling all of these new catches “creatures” is a bit of a stretch, but I doubt that eager collectors are really going to quibble with him about this point… So, here’s a guide on how to catch Animal Crossing sea creatures and all the new things to catch in the Summer Update.

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How do you catch Animal Crossing Sea Creatures?

Unlike catching fish, you’re going to have to get wet to snag some sea creatures. While you’re swimming out in the ocean, keep an eye out for streams of bubbles coming from underwater. That’s the telltale sign of a sea creature lurking under the surface!

To catch the creature, swim over to it and tap Y to dive down below. This shifts the camera angle to a top-down view, where you’ll clearly see the shadow of the sea creature. You just need to tap A to swim into that shadow and you’ll resurface having grabbed the sea creature.

What Animal Crossing Sea Creatures can I catch?

There’s 40 Sea Creatures in the game following the Summer Update, but just like bugs and fish, they will appear in certain months and times of day. All of this is features in a new page on the Critterpedia.

Here’s all the sea creatures, the months and times of day you can catch them. All of the months refer to the Northern Hemisphere, with the Southern Hemisphere six months ahead (or behind?).

Animal Crossing Sea Creature Available Months Time of Day
1 Seaweed October-July All Hours
2 Sea Grapes June-September All Hours
3 Sea Cucumber November-April All Hours
4 Sea Pig November-February 4PM-9AM
5 Sea Star All Year All Hours
6 Sea Urchin May-September All Hours
7 Slate Pencil Urchin May-September 4PM-9AM
8 Sea Anemone All Year All Hours
9 Moon Jellyfish July-September All Hours
10 Sea Slug All Year All Hours
11 Pearl Oyster All Year All Hours
12 Mussel June-December All Hours
13 Oyster September-February All Hours
14 Scallop All Year All Hours
15 Whelk All Year All Hours
16 Truban Shell March-May, September-December All Hours
17 Abalone June-January 4PM-9AM
18 Gigas Giant Clam May-September All Hours
19 Chambered Nautilus March-June, September-November 4PM-9AM
20 Octopus All Year All Hours
21 Umbrella Octopus March-May, September-November All Hours
22 Vampire Squid May-August 4PM-9AM
23 Firefly Squid March-June 9PM-4AM
24 Gazami Crab June-November All Hours
25 Dungesnes Crab November-May All Hours
26 Snow Crab November-April All Hours
27 Red King Crab November-March All Hours
28 Acorn Barnacle All Year All Hours
29 Spider Crab March-April All Hours
30 Tiger Prawn June-September 4PM-9AM
31 Sweet Shrimp September-February 4PM-9AM
32 Mantis Shrimp All Year 4PM-9AM
33 Spiny Lobster October-December 9PM-4AM
34 Lobster April-June, December-January All Hours
35 Giant Isopod July-October 9AM-4PM, 9PM-4AM
36 Horseshoe Crab July-September 9PM-4AM
37 Sea Pineapple April-August All Day
38 Spotted Garden Eel May-October 4AM-9PM
39 Flatworm August-September 4PM-9AM
40 Venus’ Flower Basket October-February All Hours

What’s so special about scallops?

Scallops aren’t that special… except that Pascal the Otter absolutely loves them! This is a new character in Animal Crossing: New Horizons who’ll appear every time you find a scallop and ask if you’d be so kind to give it to him.

Find out more about Pascal here, but don’t forget to give the first scallop to Blathers! That’s the rule!

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