Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Daisy Mae and the turnip Stalk Market guide

The stalk market is alive and well in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, with the turnip trade another part of the game’s weekly cycle that many a player will indulge in. I mean, who isn’t going to try and turn up a huge profit on these root vegetables?

That said, things are a bit different now. Good old Sow Joan has hung up her boots and decided that her granddaughter Daisy Mae is now old enough to go out and flog turnips left, right and centre, so there’s a new face that you’ll be looking out for when trying to trade some ‘nips.

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What is the Stalk Market?

Simply put, the Stalk Market is a backhanded trade in turnips. Once a week you’ll have the opportunity to buy as many turnips as you like, and then you’ll have to then patiently try to wait through the week and sell them for the highest price possible at Nook’s Cranny, in order to turn a profit.

When and where can you find Daisy Mae?

Once Nook’s Cranny has opened its doors for the first time, Daisy Mae will visit your island every Sunday morning, before leaving again at 12PM midday.

She’ll be wandering around, perhaps up on the cliffs, or even just coming by your house when you step out first thing in the morning. Simply chat to her and she’ll give you the story of the Stalk Market and how you can take part.

Depending on how many Bells you have and how much you want to risk, buy as many turnips as you like and fill up your inventory. Just beware, any turnips you buy will go bad by next Sunday, so you’ll have to flip them by Saturday at the latest.

Where can you store your turnips?

Like fruit, Turnips stack in your inventory in bundles of ten – though each turnip is actually a multiple of 10 turnips! – so 60 turnips will take up quite a lot of space!

Unfortunately, you can’t store turnips in your home’s storage in New Horizons, so if you want to safely tuck your turnips away, you’ll just have to drop them on the floor somewhere. Maybe keep them in your house?

Again, beware that turnips will go rotten after one week, so by next Sunday all of those turnips stashed in the corner of your bedroom will be completely worthless!

How to sell turnips and get a good price

Understandably, Timmy and Tommy won’t buy turnips from you on a Sunday, but will do so Monday through Saturday.

During their working hours of 8AM-10PM, you can pop in and ask them their price for turnips. It’s then just up to you if you’re going to take that price or risk waiting another day as the price goes up and down.

Note: New in ACNH, the turnip price changes twice a day. You’ll have one price between 8AM-12PM, and another price between 12PM-10PM.

Prices will typically be between 50-200 Bells, so the general advice is to buy turnips when they are sold by Daisy Mae for less than 100 Bells, and then sell if you see price of 150 Bells or higher.

Turnip Price Patterns

It’s still a bit early for us to have definitively determined the price patterns for turnips in New Horizons (without time skipping), but here are the patterns we’ve experienced:

  • Decreasing pattern – The price steadily decreased through the week.
  • Large Drop pattern – The price starts high, perhaps 150 Bells, and then takes a drop mid-week.
  • Large increase pattern – The price starts sub-100 Bells, and makes a large jump mid-late week to 150-200 Bells range.
  • Huge spike – At random, one period experiences a massive jump (our highest is 621 Bells), before returning to sub-200 Bells.

Again, it’s a bit early for us to have definitive patterns guide, but New Leaf have four main patterns: decreasing pattern, a big spike, a small spike, and a random price pattern.

Those patterns will likely have been changed for New Horizons, but we’ll point you to Thonky’s New Leaf Stalk Market guide for an idea of what this game could try to do. In general, just check in every day and if you get a price you’re happy with, sell! And if you make it all the way to Saturday, sell no matter what the price is to make sure you don’t lose out.

Selling on a friend’s island

One trick is that you’ll be able to visit other islands and sell your turnips there, so if you’re friends with other players, you can check in and share your daily Stalk Market prices. This can be done in-game by setting players that have visited your island as ‘Best Friends’ and pinging each other messages when you’re online.

All that’s left is to wish you good luck with your ‘nip trades!

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