Animal Crossing: New Horizons Summer Update adds swimming, diving, characters & more in July

The first of two summer updates will be coming to Animal Crossing: New Horizons on 3rd July, adding diving, swimming, new characters and so much more to the game in July – as if it being bug hunting month wasn’t already enough to be getting on with! Not only that, but Nintendo have revealed that a second summer update will follow in early August.

The reveal trailer shows off the return of swimming and diving to the game, letting players put on a wet suit and hop into the water with a flourish! It’s not just a way to cool off in the July heat – as if the current heatwave in the UK wasn’t bad enough – but lets you dive for sea creatures, collecting them and (as with every living thing in the game) handing the first one over to Blathers to go in the Museum.

New sea creatures spotted include the sea star, scallop sea anemone, spotted garden eel, who’ll join the fish in the aquatic side of the museum.

Going diving (you can pop a snorkel on your head if you’re really getting into it) will also open up some new encounters, with Pascal the otter potentially leaping out of the water to do a trade with you. He’ll get you some new DIY creations, with a whole mermaid themed set of furniture to collect and build.

Speaking of encounters, Gulliver, the eternally shipwrecked seagull also appeared, but… he’s dressed all funny. Has he been shipwrecked from the 1800s?!

Summer Update 2 is set to arrive in Early August, with the announcement screen having a real fireworks vibe to it.

Source: Youtube

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