Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Nature Day and hedges guide

The inhabitants of Animal Crossing are celebrating Earth Day in New Horizons with the new Nature Day event. This is live from today, 23rd April, encouraging you to get your fingers green and enhance the flora found on your island.

This comes as part of update 1.2.0, which also adds Leif as as a possible visiting character, who brings his Garden Shop with him to your island’s plaza, selling flowers and shrubs for you to spruce up your island with.

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What is Nature Day?

Nature Day is a pretty simple event, running from 23rd April to 4th May. During this time, special Nature Day tasks will pop up in the daily Nook Miles+ rotation, tasking you with things like planting 5 shrubs starts – these can be bought from Leif’s Garden Shop and are planted like flowers.

To get the Nook Miles+ task track, you simply need to be a homeowner on the island, having paid off you initial Island Getaway Package loan with Nook Miles and taken out a loan for the construction of a home.

What can you get from Nature Day?

If you go talk to Tom Nook during the Nature Day event, he’ll explain that you will be rewarded for taking part in Nature Day, with the hope that residents will be more eco-friendly all year round.

As soon as you’ve completed one of the Nature Day Nook Miles+ challenges, Tom Nook will reward you with a DIY recipe to craft Hedges.

The DIY recipe for hedges requires 10 Weeds Clumps, 5 Branches and 2 Stone.

Hedges work in the same way that fences do, being created from a DIY recipe at a crafting table, and appearing in your inventory as a fence and not a plant or seed bag. Placing hedges is exactly like any other fence found in the game.

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