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Get Drawful 2 for free on Xbox One, PC and Mac in coronavirus social distancing giveaway

Drawful 2, the standalone sequel to one of the best games from the original Jackbox Party Pack, is available for free on a handful of platforms over the next two weeks, including Xbox One, Steam, Epic Games Store and the Mac App Store. Great for all the families looking for ways to stay entertained at home, and even with some ways to stream the party game over the internet.

You can get the game for free from now until 11th April, so just follow these download links:

It’s also discounted on PS4 and Switch, though seemingly only in the US at the time of writing:

Drawful 2 works just like other Jackbox games, with a console or computer running the main game display and 3-8 players connecting via the internet on phones or tablets to input your individual answers and drawings.

This game is a standalone sequel to a mini-game from the original Jackbox Party Pack. All the players are given individual prompts to draw something at the start of a round, after which the submissions are shown one at a time and everyone else comes up with their suggestions for what the drawing is meant to represent. The final step is that everyone then tries to spot the correct answer, with points awarded for guessing correctly and deceiving other players. It’s a fun party game.

Of course, it was intended to be played in person, where everyone can see the main screen, but the games do support play with the main screen streamed to others. With teleconference apps like Zoom, Google Hangouts and others seeing a boom in usage, they’ve updated their guide on how to stream the game to others using these services. Alternatively you can lean on YouTube or Twitch for more traditional streaming, and the company’s games do support audience participation through these.

Anyway, whether you plan to try and play the game during the world’s state of social distancing lockdown, or simply want to grab a free party game for when direct human contact is allowed once more, this is a great one to pick up.

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