Trackmania Nations remake delayed until July

Ubisoft have announced a new date for the release of Trackmania, their remake of the fourth game in the series, TrackMania Nations. The game will now be out on 1st July for PC via Uplay and the Epic Games Store.

Now, I know it’s all hip and trendy and SEO friendly to call something a gameplay trailer, but… I don’t see much actual gameplay here. Every single shot of the cars is accompanied by cameras swooping around them in action-packed cinematic fashion. The only section that looks even vaguely like gameplay is with the track creation tool, but that’s only because it’s acceptable to show off such time-consuming endeavours in fast forward.

Even so, this looks like a good all-round remake of TrackMania Nations, but that’s not the end of it and is instead seen as a new start for the franchise – symbolically the M in the middle of Trackmania is no longer capitalised. There will be fresh live content for the game, improved game progression, new blocks for the creation tools and, of course, upgraded graphics. The game will have a seasonal campaign with daily tracks to race on, and is a fresh crack at making it esports friendly.

Originally planned for release on 5th May, the game has been pushed back almost two months to allow for more time to polish the game. The Trackmania ZrT Cup was already postponed due to Covid-19, and the pandemic has seen the teams at Ubisoft all have to start working from home. As such they need a little more time to account for the transition and a loss of familiar workflows.

The last game in the Trackmania series was Trackmania Turbo, which came out all the way back in 2016. That game, of course, also came to consoles (and was brilliant for it). In our Trackmania Turbo review, I wrote, “there’s little to detract from the compulsive time attacks, the outlandish track design and the gorgeously vibrant graphics.”

Source: press release, Ubisoft

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