Battlefield V’s summer content update will be its last

DICE have announced that the Battlefield V content update planned for this summer will be the last for the WW2 shooter, marking an end to the trickle of maps, modes, guns and cosmetics for the game. The update is planned for June, meaning that Battlefield V’s time as a live service will come to an end after 20 months.

At least, that’s the plan. The current Chapter, Into the Jungle will come to an end on 29th April, and this will be followed by a “standalone” update, signifying that there won’t be a further final season of content. DICE, as with all developers, are adapting to working from home, and so the June launch is still speculative.

The update will bring some new content, including at least one map codenamed “Libya”, new weapons and balance tweaks. You can see a sneak preview of that map below, which certainly looks like Libya and not a continuation of the popular War in the Pacific content of late. That’s right, the game which planned to tell the full story of WW2 isn’t going to do the Eastern Front…

After the update, there will still be some weekly events and activities highlighted in game, such as #FridayNightBattlefield servers, and with weekly rewards to boost players Battlefield Currency or Company Coin earnings and let you unlock previously released gear and cosmetics.

All told, it looks like Battlefield V is going out with a whimper and not a bang. The game was mired in controversy from the outset, with fury from certain elements on the internet at the inclusion of women as playable soldiers – how could they do such a thing? – however that was followed by a rushed and off-kilter game at launch, and an uncertain start to the Tides of War seasonal content.

That seasonal approach was originally touted as allowing for all players to get access to all of the maps, keeping the community united when compared to the paid expansion pass and DLC map packs. However, all this really led to was a dramatic reduction in the number of maps being released, an ultimately forgettable attempt at a battle royale game mode months after launch, and bitterness at the eventual introduction of microtransactions.

Still, games as a service always have the opportunity to redeem themselves, and it appeared as though Battlefield V was turning a corner with the War in the Pacific update last October. This saw the game return to the popular setting of the original Battlefield 1942, with the game drawing praise for the new weapons, maps and modes. Then DICE made sweeping changes to the game’s weapon balance and time to kill in December, leading to a winter of discontent until they eventually rolled many of those changes back in March.

It’s safe to say that Battlefield V will be remembered more for the missteps that DICE made along the way, than for the fleeting successes that it did have. Its’ also a stark contrast to Star Wars Battlefront II which went though its own troubles and was able to turn the corner with the continually popular Clone Wars content through last year.

Still, as DICE close the book on Battlefield V, fans of the series can start hoping that the developer have been able to take on board some of the failings of its development and release for whatever they have planned next. The studio will certainly now be focussed on the next generation PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.


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