Destiny 2 update is out now, nerfs Hard Light

Turn on Destiny 2 and you should find update (or version 1.50 as it seems to be on my PlayStation 4) ready to download. You should also find a good book to read while the tiny patch installs over the space of two weeks. OK, that’s an exaggeration but jeez Bungie sort those install times out!

The update focuses on Hard Light, a weapon that since update 2.8.0 has been ridiculous overpowered in PVP. Update 2.8.0 buffed auto-rifles but Hard Light was already powerful thanks to it’s ricocheting bullets which actually became more damaging as the bounced off walls. This ignores the laws of physics which state they should have become less powerful as energy is transferred to whatever they bounced off.


Here’s what Bungie had to say.

Dev Team: Hard Light has been at the forefront due to a combination of recent adjustments to improve its usability and the adjustments to Auto Rifles that came with patch 2.8.0.
Most of the adjustments coming on Wednesday are to address its usage for mouse and keyboard users since the ability to precisely aim regardless of range allows you to use the weapon at longer distances, on top of being able to use ricochets more effectively.
Although weapons like the Fighting Lion can also do what Hard Light does for indirect fire, they are generally less effective during a direct confrontation. Hard Light boasts a lot of great stats, and its impact grows with more players using it – eventually no cover is safe. As such, we’re reducing some of the aspects that allow for indirect fire and unexpected lethality in odd scenarios, while still retaining some of the bonuses to keep the flavor.


  • Fixed an issue that allowed Guardian’s to quickly regain ability energy by picking up Warmind Cells.



  • Hard Light
      • Hard Light’s damage falloff now floors at 0.7x (Auto Rifles use 0.5x standard).
      • Split ricochet bonus damage between PvE and PvP.
          • PvE damage remains at 2.0x.
          • PvP damage is now 1.35x.
      • Removed a recoil adjustment that made the weapon more stable than intended.


  • Level 32 and 92 upgrades now unlocks for all three characters. Players who were previously locked out of these Season bonuses can now access them.

Source: Bungie

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