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Nintendo Switch update 10.0.2 released to fix Pro Controller drift issues

Nintendo have dropped a hotfix for the Nintendo Switch System software this morning, bumping the version number up to 10.0.2 and addressing a software issue causing Pro Controller stick drift.

Note: This is only a fix for a Pro Controller issue that was introduced in version 10.0.0, and not related to the common complaint over Joy-Con drift. Sadly.

The update is targeted on Pro Controllers being newly registered with the console, which could result in a false analogue stick input impacting its use. 10.0.2 should hopefully resolve that issue, but likely won’t address stick drift from before 10.0.0. For longer standing problems, we’d suggest trying to recalibrate the controller as a troubleshooting measure, before getting in touch with Nintendo support.

This is the third update in three weeks, as Nintendo dropped the nice rounded version number of 10.0.0 on 13th April. That introduced the ability to manage where game data is stored on the Switch, as well as the major accessibility enhancement of system-wide button remapping. That’s now been followed by two hotfixes.

Here’s the patch notes for this update and the ones it builds upon:

Ver. 10.0.2 (Released April 29, 2020)

General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience, including a solution for the following:

We have fixed an issue where a Nintendo Switch console with system menu version 10.0.0 or 10.0.1 does not set up a new Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, sometimes causing incorrect joystick control.

Ver. 10.0.1 (Released April 21, 2020)

General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience.

Ver. 10.0.0 (Released April 13, 2020)

Added a bookmark feature to News.
This feature allows you to bookmark your favorite news items.

  • A maximum of 300 news items can be bookmarked.
  • An internet connection is required to view bookmarked News items.
  • News items that are no longer available cannot be viewed, even if they were bookmarked.

Added an option to transfer software data between the system memory and an SD card.

  • Users can now transfer downloadable software, update data, and DLC from the system memory to an SD card (and vice versa).
  • Note that save data and some update data cannot be transferred to an SD card.

Added an option to remap the controller buttons.

  • Analog stick and button configurations can now be changed for each paired controller.
  • Custom configurations can be saved as favorites in System Settings > Controllers and Sensors.
    • Custom configurations are stored on the Nintendo Switch system.
    • Configurations can be customized for the following controllers: Joy-Con (L), Joy-Con (R), Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. Button configurations can also be customized on the Nintendo Switch Lite system.
    • This feature is not available for other controllers.
    • On each system, up to five favorite custom configurations can be saved for Joy-Con (L), five for Joy-Con (R), five for Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. Five configurations can also be saved as favorites for Nintendo Switch Lite.

Added a new section in User Settings for Play Activity Settings.

  • The options for “Display play activity to:” and “Delete Play Activity” have been moved from Friends Settings to the new Play Activity Settings.

Added new selections to the lineup of user profile icons.

  • Select from 6 new icons from the Animal Crossing: New Horizons game for your user.

General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience.

Source: Nintendo

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