Tears of Avia gameplay trailer shows the turn based battles

PQube Games and CooCoo Squeaky have released a brand new gameplay trailer for the upcoming turn-based RPG Tears of Avia, which is scheduled to be released on PC and Xbox One this summer. In the new trailer, there is a lot of focus on the battles as it shows essentially a montage of attacks taking place, spliced with moments of the story and interactions between characters. As they live in a time of war each will have their own thoughts on it, and that could cause some tension in the relationships.


The story involves demons invading the world which has caused the city of Avalon to become lost and almost relegated to mythological status. However, the main character believes that Avalon is still out there and so, along with their party, they will venture through different settings including towns, dark woods, and forgotten ruins including tombs. The character’s party members will have skills spread across five classes. Those classes include Ranger, Mage, Warrior, Brawler, and Priest. There are more than 100 skills for players to evolve for the characters, and moves can be combined between party members. Additionally, the story itself will be affected by the choices players make. PQube states there are no good and bad choices but each one will have an impact on the world.

We are expecting a release date soon for Tears of Avia.

Source: Press Release

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