The Last of Us Part 2 download file size revealed

Ah, the first world struggles of current gen gamer. With the constant flurry of major game releases – sandwiched between backlogs and PlayStation Plus freebies – we often find ourselves culling the icons on our PS4 home menu to clear up some valuable storage space.

Even those smartypants gamers who have swapped out their original hard drives for something beefier will be looking to make room for when The Last of Us Part II finally launched in June. That’s next month!

But just how much room does one need to download or install Sony and Naughty Dog’s upcoming epic? According to an official PlayStation listing for the game, it will come on two discs and will require at least 100GB. This same page also mentions PlayStation 4 Pro enhancements while confirming that Part II will not have any form of multiplayer (boo).

The Last of Us Part II will officially launch on June 19th exclusively on PlayStation 4. Originally the game was meant to release in February 2020 but was pushed back to May to allow for more polish. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus crisis, Sony made the difficulty decision to delay the game indefinitely before its final launch date was confirmed.

This reshuffling of Sony’s lineup also means that Ghost of Tsushima, the open world samurai adventure from inFamous developer Sucker Punch, has been pushed back to July 17th. Meanwhile, Iron Man VR, which was also caught up in the coronavirus confusion, has no confirmed release date.

Those tracking Naughty Dog’s sequel will have seen The Last of Us Part II crop up again recently thanks to some pretty serious leaks. Allegedly posted by a disgruntled former ND employee, a series of video uploads showing key cutscenes have been shared online via message boards, social media, and comments sections.

With several weeks to go, we’d advise fans to be extremely cautious of story spoilers while surfing the web.

Source: PlayStation

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