Moonray is a surreal Souls-like title heading to Early Access in July, next gen versions confirmed

The studio Everything Is Full of Gods has revealed a surreal Souls-like title called Moonray, which will be released through Steam Early Access on July 2nd. That is not the only release news from the developer as the it has been stated that Moonray will be released on the next generation of consoles which would likely include both PS5 and Xbox Series X though they are not named in the press release so it could be one or the other.


Rodrigo Etcheto, founder, Everything is Full of Gods said:

Moonray’s debut on Early Access gives us the chance to both iterate on existing systems and shape an unconventional universe. While we have a clear vision for a one-of-a-kind sci-fi action game, the fresh perspectives, and feedback gained from Early Access will shape the future of Moonray and provide the best possible experience when the console communities join at 1.0.”

The plot of Moonray has players become a golem that has been raised by a godlike entity that needs a warrior to protect them from a cult that wants to take the entity out. Players will use both light and heavy attacks to fight enemies while also using a Hyperblaster. The combat will require parrying incoming attacks and wear down enemies until they can be defeated. The Early Access will feature a desert section while the full release will also include a forest world and the campaign will last around 10 to 15 hours.

Moonray will have a price of $9.99 at launch but prices will increase as development goes on with a full release planned for summer 2021. Moonray will first launch with English voice and text support with Spanish, French, Dutch and German coming later.

Source: Press Release

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