Inertial Drift will be launching in August and it will have a physical release

Back in October PQube and Level 91 Entertainment announced the racing title Inertial Drift, and at the time had stated that the game would be released this Spring. However, the game has been delayed and a new date of August 7th has been set. Inertial Drift will be released for PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC in both digital and physical formats. It is a one on one racing title with players using twin-stick controls to maintain the movement of the vehicles they choose, and that includes the drifts the cars will get into.


Inertial Drift will have a total of 20 different tracks, which will vary from places with a pink Japanese sunset to neon cities, and there will be 16 different vehicles to use, with each one having its own handling to get used to. Inertial Drift will feature both online and local multiplayer as well as single player in which players can hone skills against AI opponents and ghosts.

Source: Press Release

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