Paper Mario: The Origami King revealed and it will be released in July for Switch

Nintendo has just dropped quite a big announcement with the reveal of Paper Mario: The Origami King which will be released for Switch on July 17th. The new Paper Mario title is described as a comedic adventure and will introduce a brand new companion called Olivia who has paper folding powers. The Origami King is the villain of this piece and it seems it is King Olly who has managed to turn Princess Peach into origami and sealed her castle shut with magical streamers.

Paper Mario: The Origami King’s description reads as follows:

Journey across the land – from scorching deserts to sailing the high seas – and recruit a revolving cast of wacky travel buddies, as you seek to sever these sinister streamers and save your paper pals from being turned into one of the Folded Soldiers! Travel the land, repair the damage done by the Folded Soldiers and rescue Toads trapped in all manner of wacky scrapes! With the help of Olivia’s paper-folding powers, use the far-reaching 1,000 Fold Arms and other paper transformations to save those imprisoned by the Origami King’s henchmen, and help restore peace to the world. Put a stop to King Olly’s plans by engaging in battles which will put both your tactical thinking and puzzle solving skills to the test – against his origami army, as well as humongous bosses under his command!

Paper Mario: The Origami King is available to pre-order and has been priced at £49.99. This means you can pre-load the game onto your Switch and play it as soon as it unlocks on midnight July 17th. Pre-ordering in this case does mean you will be charged straight away for the game instead of the money being taken from your account closer to the release date of July 17th. You can check out the Paper Mario: The Origami King page here.

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  1. Well that’s one of the leaked games confirmed, now time for the Super Mario remaster collection.

  2. Man, that’s not far away at all! Brilliant!

  3. Yessss! Never played a Paper Mario game before, so really excited for this. Still holding out hope for Mario Golf at some point too!

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