State of Play: where to watch today’s Ghost of Tsushima livestream

We’re still a couple of months away from getting our hands on Ghost of Tsushima though it’s fair to say we haven’t really seen all that much of the PlayStation samurai sim.

Well, that’s hopefully about to change tonight with Sony’s latest PlayStation State of Play broadcast which will be firmly focused on Ghost of Tsushima.


The livestream will be available to watch at 9PM BST later today. That’s 4PM Eastern Time (ET) and 1PM Pacific (PDT). Sony have stated that the broadcast will run for around 18 minutes. It’s safe to assume – given the messaging they’ve provided – that no other games will be featured during this State of Play.

You can find the livestream via PlayStation’s official YouTube and Twitch pages.

For those completely in the dark, this is the latest game from Sucker Punch Productions, the first party PlayStation studio who brought us the Sly Raccoon and inFamous franchises.

Ghost of Tsushima is a much grittier game than the team’s previous work though we’re likely to see plenty of shared DNA in terms of world building, story, and traversal gameplay.

This latest PlayStation 4 exclusive transports us back to 1270s Japan and the Mongol invasion of Tsushima island. You play as Jin Sakai, one of the few remaining samurai hellbent on sowing chaos among their ranks.

So, what can we expect from livestream? Hopefully we’ll get to see a meaty wedge of gameplay, ideally transitioning from Tsushima’s open world into a story mission.

Originally Ghost of Tsushima was planned for release next month on June 26th but has now been pushed back to July 17th as a response to the COVID-19 crisis. In the same announcement, Sony confirmed that The Last of Us Part II had been delayed – that will be launching on June 19th.

Iron Man VR was also caught up in the crisis and will now be coming to PlayStation VR on July 3rd.

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